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Adeline's 3rd Birthday

This girl keeps me laughing and on my toes at every session I have with her! The first time I photographed her in bluebonnets, she kept trying to sit on my lap and look at my camera. The second time, we ran up and down the river at the Pearl. This year we explored Brackenridge Park and scared all the birds!

Her session appears more like a documentary style photo shoot because there were very minutes when she was contempt staying still. There was just too much to see and do! But her personality shines, I think, in many of these images. Whether she's watching ducks, making silly faces, or looking deep in thought, all these pictures show her.

Aside from chasing any bird she saw (and there were A LOT...with no people around for months to keep them at bay, the playground was like a scene from The Birds), Adeline enjoyed twirling, playing in the dirt, and running as fast as could away from us. My favorite moment was when she started saying "I'm moving! I'm moving!" as she practically moon-walked away from her mom and me. My other favorite moment was when she'd hand me a stick. Each time she'd call me something different. "Here you go, Sticky." "Here you go, Kitty."

It was probably difficult for this little one to be so close to the Zoo and not be able to go visit. Not only because it was too early, but it's more difficult to visit this year. Hopefully she can see all the zoo animals later this year, or for her 4th birthday next summer!

She has so many expressions! Which one is your favorite? Mine is the one of her sitting on the column acting as though she just heard the most ridiculous story. She is a hoot! I already look forward to seeing her again!


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